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Project "BEGIN"

In the beginning of 2013 project BeGIN started "Bulgarian – German informational network for mobility and social security rights"


    Increasing the public awareness and especially of the Bulgarians, migrant workers in Germany, regarding the transfer of social security rights.


    1. Preparatory activities: - Systematization of the legal and regulatory information, partner meetings exchange of experience, training of experts, researching the needs of informing the beneficiaries and creation of easy for use, synthesized and practically orientated informational materials.
    2. Creation of a web platform and Facebook page, offering up to date, synchronized and practical online information for:
      • Portability of social security rights,
      • Rights and obligations of mobile workers in Germany,
      • Informational materials and useful advise,
      • Possibilities for coordinated expert support from Bulgarian and German experts;
    3. Creation of the existing informational network of Podkrepa CL in Bulgaria and of Arbeit und Leben in Germany, as:
      • Bilateral Bulgarian – German informational network will offer on site and online information to Bulgarian migrants in Germany – before, during and after their mobility,
      • Transnational network from experts will cooperate via web platform in the delivery of timely and adequate information, via:
        • - Answers of individual questions and information,
        • - Publishing of articles,
        • - Answers in a web forum to FAQs etc.
    4. Conduction of informational campaigns, such as:
      • Public events,
      • Informational days in 7 Bulgarian cities,
      • Media event in Germany,
      • Dissemination of informational brochures and films,
      • Preventive informational campaign:
        • - Amongst Bulgarian workers with a large mobility potential,
        • - Focusing on delivering of preliminary information on legal procedures and requirements concerning social security systems in Germany and the transfer of rights of:
          • Working in Germany Bulgarian workers,
          • Working in Germany Bulgarian workers, who have came back to Bulgaria.

    1. PODKREPA CONFEDERATION OF LABOR, as one of the leading Bulgarian unions, is leading on the project organization;
    2. ARBEIT UND LEBEN HAMBURG, part of 50 year old German organization for training for adults, managed by the German Union Confederation /DGB/, municipalities and Volkshochschulen;
    3. FOUNDATION OF BUSINESS FOR EDUCATION,Bulgarian NGO leader in the field of Lifelong learning and career consulting in Bulgaria.
  • Associated partners - public institutions, coordinating social security systems in both countries, mainly:

    • - National Insurance Institute – for Bulgaria;
    • - Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund (DRB) for Germany.

Experts from the public institutional partners will deliver, complementary up to date information regarding social security legislation in the corresponding country and the procedures concerning the transfer of these rights.

Project BeGIN has a duration until 01 December 2013

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